About Us

Our primary objective in this project is to provide the southern region of Lebanon with an urban place, that would become an active center for the area, serving the city and its people. This is the stepping stone for our larger aim, which is to trigger growth in the southern region of the country, and energise the area to get it up to a level where it would start competing with Beirut in terms of tourist attractions, business hubs, and trade nodes.

After years of research, long studies and analysis, we have come to realise that the southern region of Lebanon is in need of such an active place, and that is where the idea of La Salle came to be. The event center would become a tourist attraction, a gathering spot, and a public space, that would as a result activat......

Our Services

La Salle .. An Elegant Venue .. For Your Events


No matter how big or small your wedding party is!
No matter what theme the couple desire on that night!
La Salle will make your dream come true.
La Salle is the only venue in Chouf, Saida, and South Lebanon region which can host large wedding parties for nearly 2000 persons.


The need to act socially and to organize social responsibility events that creates awareness followed by a call to action. It's a mentality improvement program for numerous causes such as the need to protect nature or help out a person in need...